"a solution to global problems"

"I just invent, then wait until man comes around to needing what I've invented."
- Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller


"Desertec - The BIG renewable picture"


Saturday October 23rd 2010 (2pm - 4pm)


Enquiries & Bookings - info @ genifoundation dot org dot au

or call Ruanna on (03) 9370 1415 or 0418 388 712

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"Desertec - learn about the concept"

with guest speakers:


Stewart Taggart


Stewart Taggart


A former journalist and renewable energy executive,
Stewart Taggart is a founding member of the Germany-based DESERTEC Foundation
and the founder of DESERTEC-Australia and DESERTEC-Asia.

In his DESERTEC roles, Stewart has produced ground-breaking roadmaps illustrating how Australia
can become a future "clean energy superpower" exporting solar, geothermal and wind energy to Asia.
A similar roadmap for Asia illustrates how a Pan Asian Energy Infrastructure
could one day stretch from Mongolia to the Great Southern Ocean.

In his writings and public appearances,
Mr. Taggart argues there's no better time than now to engage in disruptive change toward sustainable,
future proof energy sources delivered over flexible delivery infrastructures.

What's needed, however, is a grass roots effort across Asia to pressure
business and government to take an integrated, positive-sum view of Asia's energy needs.

By necessity, Mr. Taggart argues, this will require building out future proof delivery systems enabling
cross-border in carbon-adjusted energy that fosters
innovation and wealth creation and reduces the threat of catastrophic long-term climate change.


Charles Kovess


Australiasia's Passion Provocateur, Author of best-selling
books "Passionate People Produce", and "Passionate Performance".
Motivational speaker and Trustee of the GENI Foundation.
Charles will bring us up to date with the GENI Foundation Initiatives and
with the world of Buckminster Fuller's ideas and what one man can do.



This event was fantastic.

Held in a Buckminster Fuller GEODESIC Dome,

we were presented with the potential for renewable electricity,

generated by the Sun, to be available for the whole world 24 hours per day.

Again it was clear that the only thing missing is

the political will to make it happen.


Stewart Taggert explained that Australians must pressure the Gillard Government

to fulfill it's campaign promises on Low-Emission Energy

and transmission grid buildout.


See the video now (on youtube)


Here are some happy faces from our 'Desertec' event.


Stewart Taggart Stewart Taggart Geodesic Dome






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